Recent Guests

As is usual these days, the monastery has been seeing a constant stream of new and familiar faces. Here are some of them.

Above is an Island School social studies class, who made their annual visit today to learn more about Hinduism in practice. They are currently studying India in their curriculum. Satguru Bodhinatha answered a number of basic questions about Hindu philosophy and practices.

The Guru Chronicles Audio Book Completed!

flash-drive In honor of Satguru Sivaya Subramuniyaswami on the occasion of his 2014 Mahasamadhi observances, and for a joyous 2014 Deepavali event, Himalayan Academy Publications is proud to announce the release of The Guru Chronicles Audio Book. Nearly two years in the making, we offer 23 hours of a fabulous audio from the dramatic voice of Hollywood voice actor Raj Narayan, (voice of the Indian Penguin in Happy Feet 2) on a USB flash thumb drive. Available now at (click)

Click here to listen to the introduction right now. Besides the audio files (mp3's) the drive contains other extras:
  • Unabridged audio book (MP3 files) -- over 23 hours of dramatic reading by Raj Narayan
  • Complete PDF and e-book editions of
  • the 814-page volume including all of
  • the beautiful illustrations by S. Rajam
  • 41 high-resolution art files
  • Gurudeva photo gallery
  • Vintage Gurudeva audio (pronouncing shum!) and video clips
  • USB drive is Mac and PC compatible
  • Order Now! Click to go to our web store

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