Skanda Shashthi – Muruga’s Divine Radiance
Invoked Into the Bhuloka

After the Mahasamadhi observances each year, the week of Skanda Shashthi follows and we are blessed with the power of Lord Murugan's presence. This year's Skanda Shashthi abhishekam was as magical as always. It is an amazing experience, one that always seems new -- to feel the from-another-world life-altering actinic power of Lord Murugan's rays of grace.

From New Delhi

Great adventures in New Delhi. Tomorrow Rajiv Malik, our senior correspondent in India, was to travel with us to Rajasthan for a three-day gathering of swamis at what may well be the world's largest cow ashram, goshala. 

A few hours ago Rajiv and his daughter came to our hotel and to our surprise he was standing before us with a cast on his right arm. Rajiv had fallen just hours before and fractured his wrist while taking his 95-year-old father to the hospital (stepped into a pothole when they got out of the car and fell). He has surgery scheduled for tomorrow am to realign the bones and wire them together for 6 weeks of healing. He will be unable to join us and had to cancel his flight. 

However, his filmmaker daughter Palik courageously came forward to take his place in Rajasthan and we sat in the hotel lobby and with the help of her brother, Puket, quickly booked new flights so she arrives a little before we do in Ahmedabad and can ride with us to the Goshala. Palik is moving some other responsibilities around to do this for Hinduism Today which she loves, and taking a 5am flight to Mumbai tomorrow to make it happen, so she will have to leave the house at 1:30am. Brave young woman.

Palik will do the needed interviews for the article we plan. Stay tuned for more adventures from India. 

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