A. Manivelu Art Is Online!

As the Ganapati Kulam has completed the main work of the media studio renovation, the web team is hard at work.

Today we have put up over 800 images of art done by A. Manivelu. He was commissioned for many years to provide art for numerous publications and projects. All his artwork is now online and available for anyone to use to enhance their publications or digital projects. Click here for the copyright notice and re-use requirements for public facing media.

In the days ahead we have plans to optimize the delivery of these resources, which are a bit slow at the moment. You can download a larger version of most of the color art for personal use, such has getting color print for your living room. Be sure to right-click on the download button and choose "Save Link As".

Niraj and Jing Baxi visit the Pillaiyar Kulam

Shanmuganathaswami (right) and Kaivalyanathaswami welcomed the Baxis to the Pillaiyar Kulam recently. Niraj had some very good ideas for promoting Hinduism Today, which he feels is still far too little known. This was helpful as we also keep searching for avenues to let more Hindus and like-minded souls know of the magazine's existence. As one lifetime subscriber put it: "You never know when a holy word will find its way to someone's heart."

Pancha Ganapati Verse

A Monk Poem to Celebrate the Season

Today 15-year-old Aarti Visswanathan helped the Ganapati Kulam select images for today's poem.

Single Tusker

Born of Siva to command the mind,
His manger deep within the cranial cave,
Ganesha reigns the heavens and mankind
With tender heart, with visage stern and grave.

This winter season called the Mass of Light,
This sacred season celebrating "That,"
Was ancient when the Buddha saw man's plight
And older still when Gandhi was begat.

In the beginning 'twas Ganesha's time
For He is time itself, existing now.
That rotund, bright-eyed saint of northern clime,
Bedecked in red and green with hoary brow--

He is Ganesha, giver of all wealth.
Aum, May He grant you grace, contentment, health. 

Happy Day Four of Pancha Ganapati!

December 24, green: The sadhana of day four is to draw forth the vibration of joy and harmony that comes from music, art, drama and the dance. Family, relatives and friends gather for satsang to share and enjoy their artistic gifts. Then all sit together before Ganesha, Patron of Arts and Guardian of Culture, discussing Hindu Dharma and making plans to bring more cultural refinements into the home. More gifts are placed before Pancha Ganapati.

O Lord and ruler of many ganas, O Peaceful One who loves pomp and ceremony, patron of the arts and preserver of the best of ancient cultures, the one worshiped by all sages, use Your mighty trunk to hold us close to Your majestic mind, our purest state. Respond to our entreaties for clarity and direction, for this we supplicate. Protect us from beguiling ways and sternly direct us in the ways of our forefathers' traditions, forging for us new patterns to bring forth the old in the world of today. Keep us resolute to live the Sanatana Dharma. We prostrate at Your holy feet. Please grant us Your grace. Ganesa saranam, saranam Ganesa.

Archives are now available through 2001. Light colored days have no posts. 1998-2001 coming later.

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