Begining the New Phase

The Monastery lives and works according to the lunar calendar, taking a few days during the full moon, half moons and new moon as retreat days. The monk's routine days of kulam duties and group sadhanas make up the other days. These phase days average five per phase. At the beginning of each new phase the monks observe a homa. Devotees from the island and other special guests also attend.

Today Satguru Bodhinatha is traveling, so Paramacharya Sadasivanatha sat in to burn the written prayers. He also gave a short talk following the homa. These last few days at the Aadheenam have seen endless downpours of tropical rain, leaving slippery mud under every step. On that note Paramacharya began with a few quotes from the Tirukkural about the importance of rain.

"No life on Earth can exist without water, and water's ceaseless flow cannot exist without rain."

Paramacharya then continued his talk from last week about the central importance of love on the spiritual path, pointing to the Nandinatha Sutras and the Tirumantirum as direct examples of this concept.

Sutra 34:
Siva's followers all believe that Lord Siva is God, whose immanent nature of love, Parasakti, is the substratum, primal substance or pure consciousness flowing through all form as energy, existence, knowledge and bliss. Aum.

The ignorant prate that Love and Siva are two,
But none do know that Love alone is Siva
When men but know that Love and Siva are the same,
Love as Siva, they ever remained.


Archives are now available through 2001. Light colored days have no posts. 1998-2001 coming later.

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