From Sri Lanka – Sivaratri

A message from Jiva in Sri Lanka:

All the members are gathered right now at the Sri Subramuniya Kottam to attend the following program:

The members will perform a homa and one member will do an abhishekam to our Gurudeva's tiruvadi. Then we will all carry a pal koodam to the Shanti Lingam temple. The Lingam there was a gift given by Gurudeva. The homa will continue as will the abhishekam. The temple priests will also perform a puja at the temple. Our morning program will be completed at noon.
In the evening we are visiting Makandayar swami's samadhi and will then head to Sri Sivathondan Nilayam for a Siva puja. Finally we will travel to Keerimala Siva Temple beside the sea and we will spend the whole night there.


Kanda Alahan Visits from California

Today Kanda Alahan arrived at the Aadheenam. He plans to attend Mahasivaratri and spend the remainder of his week here, working with the Ganapati Kulam on the Media Studio. Kanda lives in Concord and skillfully builds custom cabinets. Laid out before him are the shrines he has built for the Media Studio's entryway. They will be on either wall as one enters the building, and will house the Ganesha and the Gurudeva carvings which have been completed. These shrines were built out of African Mahogany.

Life with Lizards

Today, while working in the Woodshop, one of the monks found this little guy relaxing on his shoulder. Unlike some lizards around here, he was very laid-back and content. These reptiles can change their color in a matter of seconds, but usually remain either green or brown most of the time. It is well known that the sound of a lizard or gecko chirping is auspicious, and often times a monk will make a good point in conversation, only to have it confirmed by the sound one of these little creatures.

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