A New Power Plant on Kauai

Today, Arumuganathaswami and Natyam Rajanatha made a short trip to visit the site of the Island's new biomass plant which is under construction outside of Lihue. The plant is the work of Green Energy Team, a company that has cultivated several parcels of land next to the monastery's own Himalayan Acres where we are growing hardwood and specimen trees. Green Energy is growing fields of eucalyptus trees which are meant to fuel the plant. Green Energy stated: "When finished in 2014, it will supply 11 percent of the island's annual energy needs. The plant will have a capacity of 6.7 megawatts and be fueled by biomass from several sources, including short-rotation trees grown on about 2,000 acres and the use of cleared invasive tree species."

Garden Day

For one day every phase, the Siddhidata Kulam spends their time in the Monastery's gardens. They've worked out a wonderfully thorough system, by which they plan ahead and keep track of all the garden beds, making what could be a very difficult job, much easier and efficient. Though the rain on this garden day made for a soaked morning for the monks, the plants sure loved it. The Garden provides all of the monastery's vegetables, all organic and all picked fresh, just hours before they are cooked.

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