Public Tour Day!

Recently the monastery had a public tour day. Every few weeks, these tours are offered as a chance for people from all walks of life to see the monastery, its sacred gardens and of course, Iraivan Temple. The tours are led by some of our local island members, who all do a wonderful job and to whom we are very thankful. The tour groups have grown over the years, to the point where our guests have to book a space months in advance. Gurudeva was very careful about keeping the monastery a monastery, and not allowing it to become another "attraction" on the tourist-saturated destination of Kauai. Thankfully, more and more, we are seeing that the visitors that come on these tours are generally very kind, respectful people, who often tell us of the profound effect that their visit has had on their lives. This group loved Iraivan Temple and the bright sunny day on which they visited. The rudraksha trees and other rare plants were also well enjoyed.

Aran & Tara Veylan visit from Canada

SSC sishyas Aran & Tara Veylan are visiting Kauai from Edmonton, Canada. Aran & Tara are volunteers who ship orders for our Mini Mela Canada eStore at Tara also helps with the Mini Mela Gift Shop at the Maha Ganapathy Temple in Edmonton. They recently purchased a vacation home near the monastery, and Sannyasin Shanmuganathaswami is presenting them with an Aum Sweet Aum for their new home.

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