Media Studio Progress

Today, the Media Studio's wallpaper is being installed. The artwork, originally created by S. Rajam, has been printed into giant murals by ARC Pacific on Oahu. The artwork is being put up by two skilled installers, Lyle and Mark. Most of the mural art will have wooden wainscoting installed beneath it, with a large redwood piece of trim above. Many other parts of the project are nearing completion as well. The finish stonework is moving along quickly, the vents and screens are being created put in place, the window shades have been installed, the exterior lighting is being completed and the rolls of vinyl flooring have arrived, ready to be installed in the coming week.

New Cows!

Today the Aadheenam's new cows arrived from the mainland. They are two, purebred jersey's, and one is said to be pregnant. We already have one jersey in our small herd, but the other three cows are holsteins. For those unaware, Holstein's are huge and can be rather aggressive, whereas jerseys are small, very gentle and have the richest milk. These two got off the boat today, and they're clearly happy to be here and ready for many relaxed days of munching down on our Kauai grasses.

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