Satguru Bodhinatha’s Mahasivaratri Talk

On the beautiful and blessed night of Mahasivaratri, Satguru Bodhinatha comments on Gurudeva's introduction to Merging with Siva, where he elucidates nine different ways that we can merge with God Siva. Bodhinatha's insightful and practical commentary offers a most lucid and compelling visions of the path of the soul's evolution.

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March 9th Homa

Happy Ardra!
Today is the beginning of a new phase and also happens to be Ardra Nakshatra. On this day of the month, Siva's divine energies are more easily felt. The morning began with the usual homa, to be followed a few hours later by the 9:00am puja and Abhishekam to Lord Nataraja. This is a six day phase, so the monks will have some extra time to put into their kulam related projects.

Unequalled, free from pain, subtle, all-pervading, unending, unchanging, incapable of decay, sovereign--such is the essence of Siva, Lord of the summit of all paths.
Svayambhuva Agama 4.3. SA, 56

Now have I realized the path of Hara. In the past I sought Him in narrow paths and strayed. Lo! All the while He stood before me like a beacon light in firmament, guiding my voyage across the sea of my soul's longing. The path of Siva is the proven path. It led them to Hara. It is the royal path that renowned souls have walked, the path divine that took the devout to cosmic space. That path do seek, enter and persevere. Still your wandering thoughts, chant the sacred syllable Si and so persevere on the path of Hara. You shall envision primal light effulgent.
Tirumantiram 1562-1563

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