Recent Visitors

This is Virendra Parikh and family visiting for the first time from Virginia. They are good friends of Vijay Pallod in Houston Texas, who we know well.

In the second photo: Shri Krishna, wife Jaya and daughter Nandini visited this morning for the first time. The parents have lived in Honolulu for a couple years and are about to move to mainland USA

More Photos from Bodhinatha’s Recent Trip to Toronto, Canada

The following photos are from the Siva Yogaswami 50th Mahasamadhi Puja at Sankkamam Prayer Hall in Toronto.

"Beautiful world! Very pure world! The whole world is in you. Enjoy the beauty of nature. Love all." Yogaswami

The Installation of the Media Studio’s Front Doors

The Media Studio's entryway doors have officially been completed and installed. After weeks of careful work the old doors from the building have been completely refurbished and reinstalled side by side. They are made of redwood, with Cook pine panels and brass medallions from India.

With this step the building is finally closed up. Now the only major project keeping the Ganapti Kulam from moving in is the installation of the vinyl flooring, which will happen soon.
This renovation has been a long road, and there is lots more intricate woodwork to be done, but completion is not too far into the future.

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