Our Picture-Perfect Pali

For those unaware, the Monastery recently acquired an official 65 year lease for the small section of state land, which surrounds this unique section of the Wailua. "Pali" means "cliff" in Hawaiian. This large dip in the land is a well-known part of what makes many of our daily visitors so awestruck by the Aadheenam's beauty. The naturally river flows into this basin, which happens to be a giant lava tube. To get an idea of its depth, take the distance from the surface of the water to the treetops and multiply it by two and a half. After that it splits into several tubes which go even further down. Here are a few photos of this unusual spot.

Laser Printing

For the past week, Natyam Rajanatha has been working to print Luggage tags, for the upcoming 2014 Innersearch to Mauritius. The tags are being made out of wood, and etched using the monastery's laser printer. It takes about an hour for each print, so as you can imagine, it's a slow process. The pieces of wood are first coated with shellac, ensuring shine and protecting them from burn marks as the laser cuts through them. Natyam first printed the backs of all the pieces. Now the front are being done. This includes the final cut-out of each tag, which uses the laser at high strength to cut completely through the wood.

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