May Chitra Puja

Today is the Chitra nakshatra and our monthly padapuja to our beloved Gurudeva. The Aadheenam's monks and devotees gathered in Kaduval temple this morning for the mostly silent abhishekam to Gurudeva's black granite tiruvadi. Gurudeva's silent divinity filled the temple, accompanied by the morning bird songs, the ringing of a bell and the passing of flame.

"The world is quite blissful from the perspective of someone who has reached a high stage of maturity, and life on the inner planes for him is even more blissful. This is because all of the lower chakras, the instinctive and lower natures, are totally inoperable. So, it is a wonderful, self-perpetuating time, a time of rest and healing, of meeting others known on the Earth who have experienced the same level of bliss. For some it may be a time of communicating with those on the Earth, learning how to channel messages to them. This sojourn in the in-between is similar to sleep, which is an earned time of rest for the physical body. After death is a cosmic sleep for all the inner bodies." Gurudeva

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