Readying the Floor

Months ago, with professional help, the GK team added concrete materials to make the original floor in the Media Studio both level and flat. In some places, this required almost 2" of leveler. Now, we are applying the subsequent layers of material in preparation for the ten, 10-foot wide vinyl flooring rolls, that we have on hand from Chicago. These will be installed on the 28th through 30th of this month.
In these photos you see first the blue epoxy super sealer in place, called ChapcoDefender.
That is followed by Chapco MP primer. After that, we will trowel on Chapco SmoothCoat, a cement-based skimming material that forms the basis for the Permabond 4600 vinyl adhesive that glues down the vinyl.
The primer enables the skimcoat to stick to the blue sealer, and the SmoothCoat fills any dips or imperfections, creating a more perfect surface that is compatible with the vinyl adhesive.

A Visit From the Kawakini Kindergarden Class

Recently the monastery was visited by the Kawakini kindergarden class. Just a few months ago a Kawakini middle school class also visited. It is a unique school in that until 5th grade, the only language used is Hawaiian.

The class offered a chant to Ganesha at the entrance, had a short tour, posed for a photo at the flagpole and met Kashi, our new bull calf.

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