Wishing you a Blessed and Beautiful Ardra

Today is Ardra Nakshatra, a time each month when Siva's effervescent energy can easily be felt by all who worship Him. In Kadavul temple, Nataraja receives a bountiful abhishekam. Accompanied by a host of ancient and powerful mantras, Lord Nataraja is bathed in water, milk, yogurt, honey, panchamritam, vibhuti, rose water and other rich substances. Throughout the several hour puja, the prana from these offerings (as well as the devotional energy projected from those present), is absorbed into the Murti. Upon the final arati, Siva releases that energy from the 3rd world, out through the second world and into the first world. In this way He blesses all those who are present. The more attentive and absorbed one's mind is on Siva's grace, the easier it is for a strong connection to be made, through which Siva sends fourth His Love and Light. Aum Namah Sivaya. Sivaya Namah Aum.

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