Publisher's Desk Video Shoot

Recently, Sannyasin Senthilnathaswami and Sadhaka Jayanatha set up for their quarterly shoot of Bodhinatha's Publisher's Desk video. This quarter's Publisher's Desk Article is entitled "Noninjury: the Foremost Virtue," and can be found in the July/August/September issue of Hinduism Today.

Until the Media Studio construction is complete, the videos are being filmed in the guru peedam. The team sets up the lights, microphone and camera before Bodhinatha arrives. Following the shoot, the video is edited and finalized. It will be posted to youtube and our Hinduism Today website in mid June.

Learning Never Ends

The monks love to explore new words, introduce each other to a lost gem or dust off a seldom-used term. Today that word was xyst, and no one had ever heard the term.

On the web we found the meaning:  "Among the ancient Greeks, a long covered portico or court used for athletic exercises; among the ancient Romans, an open colonnade, or walk planted with trees, used for recreation and conversation; hence occas. allusively."

What a fun word, we thought. Then one among us (with a nod to Robert Browning) offered up a short poem to honor this new term among us.

Lest a xyst not subsist, would it ever be missed?
Might it sustain a cursory tryst?
Would it ever be longingly missed in a mist?
Can it right twist or left list?
If it meets a stone schist, can the two coexist?

Satsang in Chicago at the home of Sharad and Namrata Haldwania

On Monday, May 19th in the evening we held a satsang at the home of Sharad and Namrata Haldwania.

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