Rishi Valley Rock Garden

Sadasivanathaswami has created several dry gardens planted in a bed of lava rocks. Using desert, drought tolerant plants, these little rock gardens require very little maintenance. Here in Hawaii they also have the added advantage of being impervious to damage by chickens and wild boar, who might otherwise come and tear up the beds.

Innersearch — The Power of International Satsang!

satsang in Mauritius This Innersearch is like no other. The scale of our Saiva Siddhanta Church membership here is unique in the world and Innersearchers have been greeted with a hospitality that has no measure. Not only that, the members here, hundreds of them, have turned out to clean the Spiritual Park, cook, drive and so much more. So the receptions are rich, the flower arrangements are amazing, the pujas are out of this world. To watch the international membership and Academy students meet and mingle with the Mauritius devotees has been such an experience. And it is reciprocal. Mauritian members are strengthening us and providing a model of mature spiritual family many Innersearchers have never experience. On the other side, Bodhinatha's presence with the Innersearchers is giving Mauritian members new enthusiasm for their sadhana, new friends for life.

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