Guru Purnima Celebrations During Mauritius Innersearch

We are at the end of a sweet day, a rare Guru Purnima full of
Sivaness, full of Sivanbu, full of Sivasambhandam. The Gurupuja for
Bodhinatha was unspeakably joyous, preceded by a parade through the
Spiritual Park with Bodhinatha carried on palanquin by twelve
shishyas. Two large groups were in front, men singing loud and
melodically of the guru's greatness and four dozen women dancing
Bhangra with grace and gusto. Kids all carrying colorful flags

Our Innersearcher Swami Parameshananda later noted in all his travels
in India and the West he has never seen the Satguru so beautifully and
traditionally honored.

Vignettes from Mauritius Innersearch

Aside from the intensity of classes and pujas, Innersearch always includes a lot of cultural variety taken from the locale where we travel as well as site-seeing to get an overview of the country. (Some images are panoramas, try going left and right)

Archives are now available through 2001. Light colored days have no posts. 1998-2001 coming later.

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