A Courtesy Visit to the President

A Special Report from 
Moilavadee Moorghen

During Innersearch, Satguru and his whole delegation paid a courtesy visit to the President of the Mauritian Republic on 9th July 2014.  The group was accompanied by Kulapati Mardemootoo and Kulapati Moorghen along with their respective Kulamatas.  The delegation arrived early at the State House (also known as the Chateau deReduit), the official residence of the President of Mauritius.  They were first taken for a tour in the beautiful gardens of the Chateau with all its exotic flowers and surrounding grounds with a breathless view of the Cascade Reduit.  The Innersearchers were visibly thrilled with this opportunity to visit the State House.  
After the tour, Satguru Bodhinatha and Paramacharya Sadasivanathaswami were guided to a small lounge where they were received by His Excellency Mr Rajkeswur Purryag, the 5th President of the Mauritian Republic.  They talked about the Innersearch 2014 which was scheduled from 2nd to 14th July and the participants coming from ten different countries interacting with local devotees in the different activities.  Mr Purryag recalled that someone had told him about the Ganesha Homa that is held in the Spiritual Park, where thousands were consistently  attending  every month.  He promised to visit the Spiritual Park in the near future. He then invited Satguru to move to the Main Hall, where all the Innersearchers and the monks were seated.
The President told everyone that it was good to see people who were more interested to learn about their religion rather than just practicing its rituals.  He remarked that nowadays more and more time, energy and money were spent on carrying out elaborate religious ceremonies.  But people should learn the spiritual side of things.  He talked about the religious teachings of Shakti Swami from Mumbai which has greatly helped him to understand the inner workings of the mind.  He then talked about the family, the core for religious and social life.  There should be harmony between husband and wife and more interaction with the children. Nowadays all the responsibility for educating the children are left to the teachers.  The parents are stepping back from their responsibility.  He recalled how, long ago, his parents used to closely monitor his homework and correct him for any misbehavior.  But  now both parents are working and they don't have much time for the children.   All the core values are slowly being lost.  
The President also talked about the pilgrimage to Grand Bassin for Maha Sivaratree.  He recalled how it all started years back when a devotee had a dream of a sacred lake and the long and arduous walk from the village of Triolet to the central part of the island.  He said that Mauritians are mostly religious people but they lack the spiritual teachings.  He congratulated Satguru and all his monks for the wonderful work they were doing through promoting religious teachings worldwide and also the Innersearchers for their participation in the current programme.
On behalf of Satguru Bodhinatha and all his monks, some gifts were presented to the President by Paramacharya Sadasivanathaswami.  It consisted of a copy of The Guru Chronicles book, a Rudraksha mala that had been specially made by the monks from the beads they collected from the rudraksha tree that Gurudeva Sivaya Subrahmuniyaswami had planted in Hawaii, digital of  copies of spiritual teachings, among others.  The visit ended with a photo of the entire group on the steps in front of the Chateau.

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