Two New Electric Replacements for the Aadheenam Fleet Have Arrived

After many years of service we are retiring our Kawasaki Mule fleet. They were beginning to require more and more repair and several had broken down to the point of being unusable. To replace them we ordered new Polaris Ranger electric vehicles. This is part of the long range plan for use of the solar energy to help the Aadheenam get away from fossil fuels. The first two arrived yesterday and were blessed today. More to come

Visit by the Shaolin Wahnam Institute Group

A few days ago, Aran Sendan hosted an international group from the Shaolin Wahnam Institute who were on Kauai for an Intensive Chi Kung and Zen course with their Grandmaster Wong, who resides in Malaysia.

The Shaolin Wahnam Institute, a Shaolin Kung Fu, Taijiquan, Chi Kung, and Zen school under Bodhisattva Guan Yin/Avalokitesvara, emphasizing the traditional practice of these arts to enrich daily life and progress spiritually. 

One of the instructors, Sifu Chris Didyk, visited Kauai in May 2013 had a powerful experience of Gurudeva the next morning as a result, which you can read about here:

Safety Barrier Hand Poured On the Back Road

The important water stream that comes all the way from Wailua Reservoir to San Marga finally reaches Kauai Aadheenam, passing under the road in two places. At this location near the carpentry shop the edge of the road is dangerously close to the stream. We recently had a minor accident where someone backed up and the vehicle tipped sideways into the stream. No one was hurt, but it was a wake-up call. Sadhaka Adinatha built forms and today he and Sadhaka Nilakanthanatha mixed cement and poured the forms.

July 9th Tour

The stream of summer guests flows unabated. Here is today's tour

Media Studio Entry Doors Progress

The entry way to the media studio will be clad with lava rock on both sides, including two doors. One for Arumuganathswami's office and one for the bathroom. The two doors are massive metal frames clad with hardy board so that rock can be glued to them later. Door installation requires precision alignment. In the case these door have heavy duty hinges to carry the weight, that are set into the floor and ceiling and not the door jam like most doors. Arumuganathswami and Kumarnathaswami at work here with two other monks inside the bathroom helping keep it upright.

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