Bodhinatha Returns

Today Bodhinatha and Shanmuganathaswami returned from India and their long journey. Whenever Bodhinatha is gone for more than nine days, he is welcomed home with a short padapuja in front of Kadavul Temple. The monks happily greeted their returning Satguru, and following the padapuja, everyone entered the temple for arati to Ganesha, Muruga and Lord Nataraja. Jai Satguru Bodhinatha Veylanswami!

As in the vicinity of fire, butter gets melted, so in the proximity of the holy
Sivaguru all bad karmas dissolve. As lighted fire burns up all fuel, wet or dry,
so the glance of the Sivaguru burns up in a moment the karmas of the
sishya. As the heap of cotton blown up by a great storm scatters in all the ten
directions, so the heap of negative karmas is blown away by the compassion of
the Sivaguru. As darkness is destroyed at the very sight of the lamp, so is
ignorance destroyed at the sight of the holy Sivaguru.
I tell you now that there can be no Liberation without diksha, initiation. Nor
can there be initiation without a preceptor. Hence the dharma, the sakti and the
tradition come down the line of masters, called parampara.
Without a Satguru all philosophy, knowledge and mantras are fruitless. Him alone
the Gods praise who is the Satguru, keeping active what is handed down to him by
Kularnava Tantra, chapter 3

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