Sweet Potato Ganesha

Today one of our monks was inspired to create this little Ganesha from some of our morning's sweet potato harvest.

From Merging With Siva:
The Hindu enjoys all the facets of life as transmuted into a religious expression in art. The Hindu's art is a religious art--drawing, painting and sculpture of the Gods, the devas, and the saints of our religion. The music is devotional and depicts the tones of the higher chakras, echoes the voices of the Gods; and the dance emulates the movements of the Gods. We are never far away from sights, sounds and symbols of our religion. A mountaintop represents Lord Siva; a hill represents Lord Murugan, Karttikeya; and sugar cane fields represent Lord Ganesa. Everything that one sees on the planet represents something religious. Art is not merely for egotistical and existential self-expression, but for spiritual expression, done consciously in service to the Divine. That is why one seldom sees or even knows the name of the artist of the great Hindu artistic creations. The artist is not creating in order to become famous or rich. He is surrendering his talents, serving his Gods and his religion through his art, and his art takes on a certain sacredness.

Mauritius Spiritual Spark Ganesha Chaturthi Part Two

Click here for many more photos of this jubilant festival

More Recent Guests

We missed including this photo of Srinivas and Lakshmi Reddy family visiting from Missouri a few weeks ago. The other two photos are of Shridhar and Bijal Iyer making their first visit from northern California. They are ardent readers of Hinduism Today magazine for past five years after learning about our involvement in the California social studies textbook issue. They are close supporters of Hindu American Foundation too.

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