April 2017 News Video

April news video reporting on events in May, 2017. A massive temple stone has been moved into the site of the Bronze Memorial; bronze sculptures continue to be crafted in Loveland, Colorado; Iraivan’s silver naga was placed into the sanctum of the temple, the future site of the svayambhu Sivalingam; our newest John Deere tractor arrived and is ready to start hauling, cutting and pulling its own weight around here. Aloha and Namaste.

2 Responses to “April 2017 News Video”

  1. vinaya alahan says:

    ~AUM~ These postings are much appreciated. They help me stay sane in an increasingly insane outer world. Aum NamaSivaya!

  2. Sankuthi says:

    Adi Vinayaka Perumanuku Jai!

    Thank you Satguru and all the Monks for doing so much good all in the name of Lord Siva, following the foundation set by Gurudeva! Your postings leave me speechless! Thank you!

    Aum Namasivaya!

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