Publication Spotlight: Lemurian Scrolls

An illustrated clairvoyant revelation of man's untold journey to Earth from the Pleiades millions of years ago and the struggles faced through the eras as souls matured into their ultimate destiny and Divinity.

Excerpted from Chapter One: Pilgrimage to Planet Earth

Mankind migrated to this planet in his divine soul body during
the Sat Yuga the age of enlightenment. He had reached a final stage
of evolution on his native planet. The risk in migrating to a fire planet
was great but so was the reward. They were however at a place in
evolution requiring a planet with fire in it to catalyze them through
new experiences into completing their unfoldment to the final realization
of the Self. Souls came from the other planets to Earth for
one of two reasons: either they came to realize the Self because they
had not previously done so and were just drifting in bliss or were
great beings who already had the Self realized and came to help the
others. They came from everything in a state of status quo. They had
come to this planet to get jostled around in the fire to continue their

When a planet becomes old it cools. Everything
be comes static in it and on it. The beings inhabiting it
exist together like a flock of birds or school of fish so
peaceful they are. Souls who need fire to realize the Self could not
do so on such an old planet so the leaders pilgrimaged with their followers
to perform the austerity of evolution on a fire planet such as
Earth a hot planet a young planet. There will be other planets ready
to be colonized at the end of the Kali Yuga. Inhabitants of Earth will
be able to rapidly access them by traveling as a ray of their own inner

How to See God – Bodhinatha's Upadesha

Satguru Bodhinatha Veylanswami

Bodhinatha's Recent Sun One Upadeshass:
"How Can We See God" (January 21,2017)

The divine is in everyone. "See everyone as God." Even in the terrorist, even in the criminal, the seed of divinity is there. Over many lifetimes that divinity is supposed to grow. Bring in devotion, that moves out emotion, displaces anger. As Chellapaswami said: "Oru pollaappum illai." We should accept everything that happens because nothing is wrong.

Path to Siva, Lesson 13

Master Course Trilogy, Dancing with Siva, Sloka 3

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