A Blessing For Our New Electric Car

The monastery has just replaced our Prius with a new Nissan Leaf. This new car was the best choice for fully electric rides on Kauai, and has charging stations available throughout the island. This version has a larger battery and can go over 107 miles on a single 3 hour charge. Plenty for our relaxed island-life usage. This afternoon some on the monks gathered out front the Pillaiyar Kulam's office to have a blessing for the new vehicle. We started with a short Ganesha puja followed by an arati and the traditional breaking of limes under the wheels for its first drive (ok, we used lemons but it still works). We're happy to now have a solar-charged, zero-emission, low-maintenance car for Satguru. An early Ardra gift from Siva. Aum Namah Sivaya!

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