Homa on Vancouver Island

The traveling monks attended a homa put on by the Pillay family of Victoria, B.C., Canada. The officiating priest was Chandrasekara Gurukkal, originally from Vellore and now in Toronto, who was at the monastery ten years ago. He and Kandasamy Gurukkal performed the mahasamadhi rites for Gurudeva in Kadavul temple, and also the namakarana samskara for Yogi Rajanatha! That post is here.

After the homa we had the pleasure of being part of a small concert. Performing was the world renowned flutist Shashank Subramanyam.

3 Responses to “Homa on Vancouver Island”

  1. Rajendra Giri says:

    Aum Namah Shivay!

  2. Adi Sankara Peruman says:

    Thank you for sharing.
    Love from Mauritius….
    Adi Sankara

  3. Chris Moodley says:

    This whole event stirs up overwhelming emotions.
    Thanks for sharing and thanks to the participants for your contributions.
    Stay Blessed.
    Aum Namah Sivaya

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