Island Members Make Malas

Our local mission gathers once a month to make Iraivan's most profitable source of revenue--island grown rudraksha malas. The seva performed by these divine souls helps make Iraivan Temple a reality, supporting the shipping containers, labor costs, building materials and the endowment that will keep Iraivan funded for the future. From the core of our hearts, thank you. If you are reading the daily blog then show your support as well and let these amazing people know they are loved and supported by commenting down below.

18 Responses to “Island Members Make Malas”

  1. Thanumoorthy Venkatasubramani says:

    I sincerely congratulate the Shivanadiyars for taking up the great job of making Rudraksha malas at kauvai. Ohm Namahsivaya! God Bless all of them!

  2. Vinso Sunny says:

    God bless all of you for your Goodness.

  3. Vinso Sunny says:

    God bless all of you for your work.

  4. Thillaiampalam Sivayogapathy says:

    Vanakkam to All Sivathondars!
    A Noble Sivathondu by Sivathondars,
    for the Great ,HOLY Job of making HOLY RUDRAKSHA Maalas!!!
    Aum Siva, Siva!
    Mikka Nanri! (Thanks so much)
    Anpudan, (With Love),

  5. Tina D says:

    Thank YOU ALL. YOU are ALL Our EXEMPLARY Grishastin Role Models. Like the Monks, You ALL serve tirelessly and always SMILING. An INSPIRATION for ALL to Serve more, and strive more. With sincere appreciation, Mahalo.

  6. Rajeshwari Parasivam says:

    From the depth of our heart, Thank You to all of the local mission in Kauai in accomplishing a beautiful seva for the existence of Iraivan Temple today and in the future. Your malas are filled with the beauty of your souls and the sacredness of the Rudraksha Forest of Aadheenam. With much appreciation, gratitude and Aloha.

  7. Anil Kumar says:

    Thank you, Deva, Lila, Isani, Durvasa, Uma, Chamundi, Vel, Aran, Tandu, Valli and Rajadeva. Your noble service keeps our beloved Iraivan Temple, Kauai Aadhenam and our beloved Monks going.
    Someday I hope to see you all. Keep continuing the blessed work !
    Aum Namah Shivaya

  8. Adi Alahan says:

    Thamk-you a million times over for creating these beautiful malas and rudraksha jewelry.
    This has become a wonderful lucrative bread and butter source of income for Iraivan temple!

  9. Chris Moodley says:

    Thank you Sivathondars for the excellent work. We feel the commitment, passion and love with which you make the malas.
    Thanks for keeping the Adheenam sustainable.
    Aum Namah Sivaya

  10. Aravindraj says:

    Wonderful done by the great Sivathondars of Wailua mission. It was a privelege to meet & know them. Aum Namasivaya.

  11. Nigel Siva says:

    Ganapathi Thunai.
    Vanakkam Sivathondars.
    In “Thiruthondar Thogai” Saiva Saint Sundaramurthi Nayanmar (8th century AD) sang “I am the servant of all those future Sivathondars…” So, I am.
    Aum Namah Sivaya

  12. Gowri Nadason says:

    Aum sivaya
    We are the servants of Siva, Siva thondu is our way. Excellent contribution by the Wilua Mission members helping to raise funds to fulfill Gurudeva’s vision and mission of Iraivan Temple. Jai!

  13. Padmini says:

    Great Siva thondu. I bow to the divinity in all the Siva thondars.

  14. Namrata Ragade says:

    Mahalo For your selfless service, Inspiring all of us!!
    Aum Namasivaya

  15. Ramai Santhirapala says:

    Continuous inspiration of selfless sevaks – creativity blended with energy and love. Mahalo for sharing these treasured moments.

  16. T Guhan says:

    Jai Ganapati
    Beautiful souls creating beautiful sacred objects,
    such a joy and fullness to see such loving harmony
    Aum Namasivaya

  17. T Guhan says:

    Jai Ganapati
    Beautiful souls creating beautiful sacred objects,
    it is a joy and fullness to see such loving harmony
    in service to Holy Siva Gurunathan Aum Namasivaya

  18. Varadan says:

    Great work and thank you! So appreciate what you all do together. Aum Namasivaya

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