Our Sacred Gardens; The Ivory Palm

This is the amazing Raffia ruffia palm tree, known in common parlance as Ivory Palm. The pure white seed inside the crocodile-like shell, about 2" in diameter, is so hard carvers use it instead of elephant ivory. It is flowering, and giant columns of seed hang from the tree. Each infructescence (the official word) is about 15 feet long and 10 inches in diameter, and each holds about 500-800 seeds. There are 12 of these natural packages hanging from the one tree. It's one of the most jaw-dropping events in our garden this year. The palm (not a tree actually) is known to have the longest leaf structure in the entire plant kingdom, reaching a length of 20 meters (60 feet) when mature....

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  1. Rajendra Giri says:

    Aum Namah Shivay!!!!!

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