Our Phase Begins with Worship

Another phase is upon us and that means another homa has been summoned from Kadavul Temple. The God of fire, Agni, with its ebullition of heat from the temple's homa pit, has warmed us again-both on the inside and outside.

Even though our homas are short in nature, being in the presence of the Satguru and Nataraja feelings of a great epoch arise as we burn notes to the devas, chant life-changing mantras, invoke beings upon beings and wreak havoc on our instinctive mind.

That is the point isn't it? We strive daily to beleaguer or corner our instinctive nature of ups and downs and flush-out that which goes against the yamas and niyamas.

Our soul nature is a euphony of light and is made to contrive an offensive towards the senses and their ludicrousness, intolerance of our fellow man, devoid of compassion and truth. It is our soul that shines forth out of the homa fire and out of every Hindu devotional act.

To be in the presence of the Satguru on this weekly event is like putting a stick of butter on an open flame. What is left when we surrender? What hinders our success and evolution when we put our arms down and stop resisting life? Do not let things outside yourself control you.

In the words of Satguru Bodhinatha Veylanswami "What does someone have to do in order for you to be happy?" Grandiloquence avoided, Satguru's concise words propel us into the phase, into the month and into the "future of futures" with a goal: progress not perfection.

Keep going, keep trying, don't let up. Have a great phase everyone.

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