Bodhinatha Bhashya, Are Souls and World Essentially Good?

Satguru Bodhinatha Veylaswami

Bodhinatha’s Latest Upadeshas – What Is the Nature of Our Sould
Souls and World Essentially Good, Path to Siva Lesson 24 (May 12,2017)

“The world does contain suffering; it’s this way for a reason. If the world was perfect why would we want to transcend it? We’re not all in the same place in consciousness. We don’t divide the world into good and bad. Everyone is divine on the inside. The soul is pure actinic energy flowing through the seven chakras below and the six chakras above the muladhara. Hindu society is designed to help everybody come up in consciousness. It takes many lives.

Path to Siva, Lesson 24.

Master Course Trilogy, Dancing with Siva, Lesson 47

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