Monday's Mighty Murugan

Lord Murugan, God of kundalini yoga, is bedecked in blue clothing today at Kadavul Temple. Fresh fragrant flowers adorn this powerful deity.
From a talk Satguru Bodhinatha Veylanswami gave in 2004:
“Usually when someone teaches meditation they’re talking just about sitting down and meditating. But Gurudeva says, no don’t do that. First develop a relationship with Lord Muruga. There’s no point trying to meditate in our particular tradition until you feel close to Lord Muruga. Then your meditations will be deep. Course that means for deep meditation doesn’t mean just for simple meditation. Can’t expect to have a profound meditation following Gurudeva’s teachings unless you have a close relationship with Lord Muruga. So having said that of course. the next logical point is; how do you develop a close relationship with Lord Muruga? How do you develop a close relationship to the Deity?
“Bring an offering. Ideally bring a flower for each shrine at which you are going to worship or if that is not possible at least a leaf. The act of giving opens you to the blessings of the Deity. Never visit the temple empty handed. So this is the teaching, such a simple teaching but we see it in the eyes. The room says: “Oh my I should be doing that.
“That opens you up to them and therefore you’re more receptive to what they give you. So the idea, give before you receive. Mystically it’s part of temple worship.
“Lord Murugan is traditionally worshipped to invoke the forces of divinity to overcome the forces of darkness. This process takes place both in the world and in the individual.That’s the idea is that we can try and bring this into our lives, the worship of Lord Muruga; His ability to stimulate wisdom within us. This wisdom can be applied to our experiences, our pattern of experiences, help us improve our behavior and learn from our mistakes.”

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