Boston Trip!

Acharya Arumuganathaswami and Natyam Jayanatha have gone traveling to the “Very Big Island” mainland US for a history conference, stopping in California for meetings with members, moviemakers and more. Stay tuned for reports in the days ahead…

Bodhinatha Speaks on Lord Murugan and Penance


Bodhinatha’s Latest Upadeshas – Who is Lord Murugan, Proper Approach to Penance
Who is Lord Murugan? Path to Siva, Lesson 27, Commentary
Who is Lord Murugan? Path to Siva, Lesson 27, Commentary

The blessings of Lord Murugan awaken wisdom which resides in his chakra. “Pray to Lord Murugan to unravel the great mysteries of the universe.” When we get emotional we lose touch with our wisdom. Murugan inspires penance to soften karmas and purify the mind, chitta-shuddhi. If you do kavadi in the right spirit, to get the full blessing, have in mind specific misdeeds, apologize to the deity, learn from it, promise to do your best. Visions are still happening. Feeling the energy of the deity is stronger during festivals such as Skanda Shashti.

Path to Siva, Lesson 27.

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Monks in India Travelogue: Chennai

Our next stop is Chennai, a crucial part of our visit. In Chennai can be found most of our closest and most important advisers on temple construction and the esoterics and exoterics of Saivism and temple construction. Within three hours after our plane landed we had a meeting with Dr. Sabharatnam Sivachariya and Mr. Nellaiappaan to discuss various aspects of the temple construction and translation projects that Dr. Sabharatnam is working on for us. Dr. Sabharatnam is the foremost expert on the Saiva Agamas alive on the planet today and his help and translations are invaluable. Mr. Nelllaiappan is a church member, long long time friend and our right hand in Chennai. We first met him on the 1969 Innersearch and he has always been there to help us since that time. He has supervised various temple constructions around India as well as the building of chariots for many temples and dozens of other projects and is very knowledgeable.

Devonic Sign

A beautiful double rainbow appears as a blessed, devonic sign, in a never-before-seen spot, over one of our buildings. Yesterday turned out to be a most fortunate day for our Pillaiyar Kulam (a kulam is a family-like grouping of monks working as a team in a specific area of service). All sorts of good news and fortunate events abounded through the day, for this kulam. Then at sunset, a beautiful double rainbow graced the little white building where they work (If you’ve been here, you’ll know it as the first building you saw before stepping onto Tiruneri, the path to our Kadavul Temple.) It is just behind the long grey roof on the lower right side of the photo, and comfortably nestled between the two rainbows. We’d never seen a rainbow over our building before. It could only happen at a particular time of year--when the sun is setting while in its northernmost position (Summer solstice time). It is quite a coincidence that we had this unusually positive day, and the sun was in the perfect position, and then… the shower came. We suspect the devas had something to do with all of it all. Aum Namasivaya.

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