Find That

At some point of time, whether in their current life or in a future one, everyone starts to figure it out. The endless ramifications of this external world begin to lose their shiny draw. The many many paths one could take become less interesting, because most have been walked before. You've eaten all types of food, owned all kinds of homes, large and small and have been every kind of person, the drunkard and the greatest of kings. You've had all relationships, been a wife, a husband, child, brother, sister and more. You've walked to every mountaintop, swam in every sea and river. you've laid down upon the shady grasses, walked through the pristine snow, and looked up through the treetops. You've felt pain, hunger, hatred, betrayal and death, again and again you've suffered yourself. You've been joyous, excited for the future and humbled by life's beauty. You've won victories and sustained losses, you've seen good and bad, bright light and shadows. You've known the freedom to dance, and the fearlessness of your singing voice--self-expressions you'll love forever. You've laughed with friends, giggled with loved ones. Upon your Earth you've seen the stars unveiled as the world begins to sleep, and you've awoken, inspired by the dauntless warmth of the rising Sun.
Again and again you are born, you live and you pass on, to live again. Until, it is suddenly not so interesting anymore. The ups and downs of life are not the fun ride they used to be. They're not much of anything really. They begin to fade from your vision, as something else takes their place. Something you did not expect. An understanding bigger than most people know. Broader, deeper, all-encompassing and so very, very real. Like nothing else you've seen, and yet you recognize it. Losing interest in the World around you, you begin to take interest in yourself, realizing that the external is painted by your personal thoughts, feeling and attitudes. But these inner layers of the mind are still not the ultimate discovery. If you were you're attitudes and emotions then how could you be thinking about them. And if you can witness your thoughts, what is it that is observing them? Find that.

Lord Ganesha

Today Lord Ganesha was looking extra nice, bedecked in golden konrai flowers.

"The God with the elephantine visage I shall never forget--Shankara's son, with massive belly and the thodu in His ear, the Lord who gave His grace to Indra, of whom mantra is His very form." Yogaswami's Natchintanai

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