Karma, Fate, Destiny

Satguru Bodhinatha VeylanswamiIn this commentary on Chapter 31 of Path to Siva, Bodhinatha clarifies the meanings behind three relate and common concept: karma, fate, destiny.
“There are three kinds of karma: the karma of all deeds done in our past lives; the karmas we bring into this birth to experience; and the karmas we are making by our actions now.”
Karma is an automatic system of divine justice. Karma is self-created destiny; a consequence or fruit of action, karmaphala. By accepting not reacting, performing karma yoga, karma can be softened, mitigated. Seeking the grace of God and guru in the right spirit, the mind focused on the Deity and open to blessings, receiving the intense grace of the Deity in a powerful pilgrimage can actually eliminate karma.
Path to Siva, Lesson 31.
Tirukural, Section IV, Destiny, Commentary by Gurudeva.

Sri Chinmoy's Aspiration Ground

New York is home to Sri Chinmoy's home and spiritual headquarters where he trained others in the contemplative life. He named it Aspiration Ground and it is alive and well; it is a place to get away from the disturbance of the city noise and dive within. This was Paramacharya's second visit to this oasis in the middle of a Queens town, a park of peace that has kept this region balanced for decades. On October 11 this Bengali Guru's devotees will mark ten years since his Great Departure. As you will recall, Sri Chinmoy was among the most prominent Indian masters to bring meditation and true sadhana to the West. He was our Hindu of the Year in 1997 and he presented Gurudeva with the U Thant Peace Award at the United Nations in 2000. So this visit of the shishyas of two illumined masters was sweet and profound.

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