Reading One’s Own Inner Book

This phase, our monastery was delighted to meet long-time acquaintances for the first time, Mukund and Vaijayanti Hanumante of New Orleans, USA. Here they are with Paramacharya Sadasivanathaswami and Kaivalyanathaswami, visiting the Media Studio. They are Hinduism Today lifetime subscribers since the mid 1980s and generous donors to Iraivan temple. Mukund has also been a faithful advertiser for past 30 years, advertising his books. The first was A Glimpse of Divinity, which Gurudeva was so impressed with that he contacted Mukund and wrote a glowing review of it which is now part of the book. We know of no other instance when Gurudeva did such a thing. Mukund has since written a second book, Eternal Friend, which posits that we all carry within us a being longing to be our best, loyal and perfect friend forever, waiting patiently, and waiting for us to give the ok. When asked whether he plans a third book, he said, "For now, I am concentrating on reading my own inner book."

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  1. Easan says:

    i would like to read both books.

  2. Easan says:

    Well-regarded volume on Amazon

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