Thank You to a Young Artist

The Ganapati Kulam recently acquired art of Satguru Bodhinatha and wanted to share the gift with you all. Mahalo to a young artist in California.

12 Responses to “Thank You to a Young Artist”

  1. SHIVAGURU says:

    Siva siva

  2. Chamundi Sabanathan says:

    What a gifted artist! Mahalo, whoever you are!

  3. Padmaja says:

    Beautiful work, one could easily get lost in the meticulous details! Young artist but an old soul. Thank you for sharing.

  4. Tasha Natarajan says:

    The artist has captured this moment between Gurudeva and a devotee so beautifully and vividly. Thanks for sharing! Om om

  5. Anil Ananda says:


  6. Bala Sivaceyon says:

    WOW. Amazing. Good One.

  7. TinaD says:

    Heart touching. Exquisite detailed expression of GuruDev Bodhinatha and beautiful inner work expressedly manifested. Reminds us of Gurudeva’s statement: The point of conception is the apex of creation. Awesome talent!

  8. Krishna says:

    Lovely. Now a days our children are
    Very aware of the environment and the planet. Om namasivaya.

  9. Ramai Santhirapala says:

    Like the artistes of times of yore – the nameless signatureless sevaks who affirm Siva does it all. Nandri for sharing this divinely immersive painting.

  10. shitley boyle says:

    I love this!! love Satgurus face, so sweet…. this is beautiful!!!!!

  11. Holly says:

    I agree with the comments. This is beautiful and true art because it immediately touches the soul.

  12. Vela says:

    Om namasivaya.spritual art.

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