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A Final Art Submission

The final submission for our upcoming yet-to-be-revealed publication. This is a painting done by Jaipur painter Kailash Raj. We’ve chosen this beautiful work as the publication’s cover art

When you seek a guru,
Seek one who is holy and pure
And then give him your all—
Your body, life and wealth.
Then in constancy learn clearly,
Not a moment distracting.
Surely shall you thus reach Siva’s State.
Placing His Feet on my head,
The Master blessed me. He is the holy guru.
He my Self Realization works.
He takes the jiva to the state beyond tattvas.
He sunders my bonds.
All these he performs— He that is Truth itself.

Tirumantiram Verses 1693 & 2049

4 Responses to “A Final Art Submission”

  1. Ganga says:


  2. Vendan Kumararajah says:

    Very Intricate and Divine !!!

  3. Venugopal Reddy says:

    Aum Sivaya!
    Lovely painting. So captivating.
    Is it copyrighted? I want to have it framed in my home. Any higher resolution available?

  4. Padmaja says:

    Sorry, I am still in love with the first one. The young artist had beautifully captured the facial expressions of Satguru Bodhinatha. This is definitely a master piece with near perfection showing an image of a Guru.

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