Shadkonam Garden from Above

Our resident aerial photographer recently acquired these shots of our Shadkonam Garden project. The video has our quad copter doing a fun spiral down to the garden. Try not to get woozy while you watch it!

This image shows the garden in relation to Iraivan

2 Responses to “Shadkonam Garden from Above”

  1. Deva Seyon says:

    Looking at this aerial . . . the gardens surrounding Iraivan, I wonder if it is even faintly apparent how much energy, and dedication it took to create it. While Kauai is lush it is extremely wild and difficult to bring to balance with any semblance of order and peace. Seeds of aggressive vines, sticker bushes and rouge trees are literally flying through the air, riding on trade winds daily, looking for a tiny spot to sprout. Once that niche is claimed they sprout and spread like wildfire engulfing and devouring the more “gentle species” – the flowering orchid, the waxing anthurium are no match for these brutes. Such is nature’s way – as the survival of the fittest and most aggressive play out their earthly drama. But there are gardens we are told by those who have visited the inner planes that reflect a higher harmony – a gentler world and a wondrous song. This is what is being created around Iraivan – a reflection of these inner worlds. We recently visited the Butchart Gardens and I asked our guide how many staff does it take to keep this garden in balance and she told me about 70. We don’t have 70 . . . we don’t have 7 but we have Superman and he has a couple of friends.

  2. vinaya alahan says:

    Aum, Deva!
    So true, so true!
    Aum Namah Sivaya!

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