Video of Sri Lanka Innersearch at Pasupatiswar Sivan Temple

Sivan TV captured the Innersearch adventures at Gurudeva’s Pasupatiswar Sivan Temple and later at the famed Kumbhalavalai Pillayar Temple where Gurudeva visited often in 1949. The video closely follows two pujas that morning and the parade to the Ganesha temple through the narrow lanes of Alaveddy. Sadasivanatha noted at the first one that this was the very place that Gurudeva initiated him into Sannyas in 1970.

Sri Lanka Innersearch Day 11: Keeramalai Temple

Off to one of the ancient temples of Sri Lanka, located on the northernmost shore, just next to the sea. In fact, there are natural springs here and the Innersearchers were able to
bathe in the holy waters. Puja and abhishekam followed.

The priests here are of the ancient Chola lineage like yesterday. The puja was offered to a lingam into which 1008 lingams are carved. Each Innersearcher took a small pot of milk from the nearby Sivabhoomi Madam where Yogaswami's golden murthi is installed, walking half a mile to the temple and offering the milk at the high point of the abhishekam. As with the other temples, the chanting is precious and precise, honed by decades of practice. The priest told Bodhinatha they had met him before, and also met Gurudeva back in the 80s. They said the blessings of the puja would flood into Kauai Aadheenam in Hawaii.

The wonderful Yogaswami devotees then hosted us for a banana-leaf lunch at their madam. We are falling in love with the Sri Lanka country rice and veggie curries. We can fast when we get home, right?

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