Iraivan Worksite

Our three homeless wayfarers finally stumble on the Iraivan worksite on Tumkur Road outside of Bengaluru, the place where, for 28 some years, the carving for Iraivan Temple has been (and continues to be) taking place.

We are taken in by the noble Rajashakar family, supped and soon provisioned with extravagant viands which we were compelled to consume sans utensils, all of which proved to be a welcome soporific.

Jiva and Thurai took us from their home to the adjacent worksite where the yogis discovered that the entire team of some 18 silpis is working on the cladding stones for the kadavul Nandi, korimaram and balipeedem. It's a project that has been in the planning stages for some years and is now manifesting, a major upgrade to the entrance of Kadavul Temple's stone work and a fulfillment of a long-time wish of Gurudeva (more of which in future TAKA missives).

A mot delightful few conversations with the family, with discussions of items to take back to Kauai and their own imminent arrival on the island (Thurai and his wife Swapna leave on the 20th for almot six weeks on the island, her first time outside of India).

We are so grateful to Kanmani and Neesha and her Amma for the kindnesses showered on her road-weary guests. Sadasivanthaswami saw a few items that he deemed destined for Siva's Sacred Garden and Kanmani was commissioned to grow some plants for the aadheenam. Sheela Venkatakrishnan surprised all by driving all the way from Chennai just to say aloha to us. Yes, we felt loved here in Bengaluru!

The slideshow tells the story of a short visit to a tall Hanuman near the worksite, a 36-foot-tall, 100-ton, monolithic sculpture commissioned in recent times by the Gujarati community here.

Aum Namasivaya!

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