Sri Lanka Innersearch Day 11: Markanduswami's Hut and Vedanta Madham

Off we went to Kaitatady where Yogaswami built a thatched hut for his disciple and commanded him to stay there. Markanduswami settled there at age 60 and in 1985 left his body at age 92. He never left the compound all those years.

We entered into the newly renovated hut, made the same size as the original but of fresh concrete and wood. Thondunatha told the story of how Gurudeva asked him to visit here weekly, which he did for 3-4 years.

Markanduswami lived a pure and austere life here, and kept the compound spotless, meditating, singing Natchintanai and receiving visitors. He would never speak from his own knowledge or experience. Instead, he held to the sadhana of saying only what Yogaswami said, nothing more.

We saw two book, old and dusty, in the room. Taking them down, we saw they were two editions of Natchintanai! Not only did he only speak his guru's words, he seems to have only read them as well.

We Visit the Vedanta Madam Off we bussed to one of the important institutions of our lineage. Kadaitswami had a disciple they called Sargaent Swami (since he was of that rank in the Jaffna police). He founded this madam which follows the Tirumular interpretation of Vedanta. We were greeted by the current swami, the seventh in their lineage. He spoke lovingly of Satguru Bodhinatha’s visits (2015 and now), and after Bodhinatha gave a brief discourse and vibuthi blessings to all gathered, swami fed all the Innersearchers, personally filling the monks’ banana leaves. So pure and humble a soul he is.

Archives are now available through 2001. Light colored days have no posts. 1998-2001 coming later.

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