Sri Lanka Innersearch Day 11: A Musical Event

Coming back from our temple visit, we were regaled with a rich pre-dinner musical concert. A group of five musicians had gathered a number of instruments on the stage. It began with a Yogaswami Natchintanai followed by six or seven major vina pieces of varying kinds, played to perfection. Then the real fun began. A marvelously gifted musician, Thuvarakan, started with some simple drumming. This gave way to a wide-ranging display of his skills (honed since he was five year old) on every kind of drum, old and new. He was equally adept at all of them.

But then he let loose, picked up a synthesizer and astonished us all with his creative genius and swift and nimble fingers. At one point he played the well known iPhone ringtone, then began to riff on it. Dozens of interpretations and permutations. Quite amazing. Bodhinatha offered them all shawls and they stayed to enjoy dinner with us at the Tinnai.

Here is a short selection...

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