India Pilgrimage – Part 1

With a wonderful Innersearch program complete, Paramacharya Sadasivanathaswami, Yogi Mayuranatha and Yogi Jayanatha made their way safely to India. Our traveling sadhus will be visiting many important spiritual destinations including Arunachala, Chidambaram, Meenakshi, Palani Hills and more.

Monday is for Ganesha


Start your work week off right by blending your mind with Ganesha's. Use persistence, compassion and a little push to move life forward.

"Prayer and sacrifice are means to philosophy and spiritual life. While true sacrifice is the abandonment of one's ego, prayer is the exploration of reality by entering the beyond that is within, by ascension of consciousness. It is not theoretical learning. We must see the eternal, the celestial, the still. If it is unknowable and incomprehensible, it is yet realisable by self-discipline and integral insight. We can seize the truth not by logical-thinking, but by the enrgy of our whole inner being. Prayer starts with faith, with complete trust in the Being to whom appeal is made, with the feeling of a profound need, and a simple faith that God can grant us benefits and is well disposed towards us. When we attain the blinding experience of the spiritual light, we feel compelled to proclaim a new law for the world." Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan

Mauritius March Ganesha Homa

Click here for more photos of our homa at Spiritual Park, including new seating extensions under construction.

Sri Lanka Innersearch 2018 Grand Finale Post!

The 2018 Innersearch has come to an end. Our hope is that we were able to give you a glimpse into what these pilgrims went through, but to be sure it is like a grain of sand sitting atop an entire beach. Enjoy this final slideshow of work from our long-time church member and Innersearcher Indivar Sivanathan. She has captured some moments in time that can never be forgotten. Sign ups are now open for the 2019 program, less than one year away.

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