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The latest issue of Hinduism Today is wrapping up, the Siddhidata Kulam is out and about doing their end of the month landscape routines, the Pilliyar Kulam is accounting and counting, the Lambodara Kulam is holding the darshan and our Ekadanta Kulam is helping disseminate the teachings worldwide. Satguru is in another land far away and this short update is as current as TAKA gets. Here we go:

Bodhinatha: The Meaning of Sivaratri and Nirvikalpa Samadhi


Bodhinatha's Latest Upadeshas

The Meaning of Sivaratri and Nirvikalpa Samadhi

What is Sivaratri and the Nature of Nirvikalpa Samadhi

Mahasivaratri: A time of striving to realize Parasiva. In our teachings yoga is the restraint of mental activity (chitta vritti). Nivritti marga-the path of renunciation. Pravritti marga-the path of action or life in worldly society. Ashrama dharma, a mental resting place within the 4 ashramas in life. The day before the new moon, as in monthly Sivaratri, nivritti energy is strong, an excellent time for austerity and meditation. Six Shum words defined related to meditation-withdrawal: kashum, nikashum, shumnikashum, bishumnikashum, abibishumnikashum, haiiaiibishumnikashum. Drawing energy up in to the transcendental Source of energy. Imkaif: Absence of awareness aware of itself. Nonexperience.

Master Course Trilogy, Dancing with Siva, Sloka 97.

Twelve Shum Meditations-Gurudeva's Introduction to the Advaitin.

Master Course Trilogy, Merging with Siva. Lesson 1.

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