Mahogany Maturation

Our mahogany trees that were planted years ago are now fruiting their own seed pods. What does that mean exactly? It means that we can harvest our own seeds from our best trees rather than importing them and having less control over the quality. Besides, it’s kind of neat!

Satguru Returns From Travel

Today, Satguru Bodhinatha Veylanswami, Sannyasin Shanmuganathaswami and Sannyasin Siddhanathswami returned from their recent journey to the Mainland, USA. They had a short, but full journey, visiting Florida, Washington DC and Maryland.

Natyam Dayanatha and several of our yogis prepared a short pada puja in front of Kadavul Temple to welcome Satguru home. This was followed by an arati to Ganesha, Muruga and Lord Siva Nataraja.

"Lord Siva said: 'Service to the Satguru and his mission is fourfold: service with your own hands, service by wealth or through others, service by spiritual enthusiasm and service by happy feeling. Service done with devotion, according to one's means, has the same merit whether little or much, whether by the rich or by the poor.
With your mind dedicated to selfless service, please the Satguru. The fruit obtained is the same as from great rituals. Such service invites the grace of the Mother of the Universe.
In the service of the guru, either expressed or unexpressed by him, do not be unmindful. Be always in service of the guru, ever in his presence, giving up desire and anger, humble and devoted, lauding in spirit, upright in doing his work.
If service is accompanied by santosha, it brings with it all fulfillment. Sins dissolve away and merit grows by leaps and bounds.'"
-- Kularnava Tantra, Chapter 2

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