Quarterly Hindu Heritage Endowment Meeting

At the quarterly meeting of the Hindu Heritage Endowment, June 10, 2019, the stewards approved a new endowment called the Kauai Aadheenam Feed the Monks Fund. This fund was jointly created by Poumagal Pillay Mootoosamy of Montreal, Canada and Padmini Samuthiran of Singapore. They both came up with the idea and the minimal funds to start the endowment, at just about the same time. We have created a new web page for this endowment: you can go here to contribute

The stewards and staff discussed the financial statements for the first quarter of 2019. This involves comparing the investment returns with the traditional benchmarks and reviewing various documents, bar charts and graphs. The principal of HHE is invested with Halbert Hargrove of Long Beach, California. Over the long term, the HHE investments are expected to steadily gain while there may be short term losses, depending on the market. They meet at the Princeville Resort. Gurudeva thought this was the ideal setting to visualize abundance for over 75 HHE funds. The hotel lobby is the venue, and the lobby looks out over the Hanalei Bay and surrounding mountains. It is truly inspiring.

3 Responses to “Quarterly Hindu Heritage Endowment Meeting”

  1. Rajendra Giri says:

    Jai Gurudeva!

  2. Gayatri Rajan says:

    Jai! I was wishing just such a fund existed. Thank you Poumagal Pillay Mootoosamy and Padmini Samuthiran of Singapore.

  3. mihir gadhvi says:

    Jai Shree ram

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