A Day for Nandi

Today we received several photos from across the world that all related to Nandi, Siva's most ideal bhaktar. First, a photo from the carving site in Bengaluru, which shows the new Nandi being carved for Iraivan Temple. For those unaware, the current Nandi which had been carved, turned out to be 8 inches too long to fit inside Iraivan's Nandi Mandapam. But don't fret, he may have a bright future nonetheless. This new Nandi is quickly progressing. Here at the Aadheenam the Siplis continue to make progress in the Nandi Mandapam as they work on the foundational stones for the Kodimaram. Also in Bengaluru, the stone cladding for Kadavul Temple's Nandi Peedam and the base of Kadavul's Kodimaram are nearing completion. This somewhat unknown project has been progressing for some time, and soon Kadavul Temple will have some of its own beautiful stone work. On another note, in Mysore, India, several giant 16th century Nandi's, dating back to the post-Vijayanagar period, have just been unearthed. Must be a day for Nandi!

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  1. Ramai Santhirapala says:

    The revealing Grace of Subha Sivaloka. Mahalo for sharing news of Nandi’s appearance in many forms; all carefully and lovingly crafted.

  2. Karan Sarkar says:

    Such a beautiful and elegant statue it’s going to be really divine and blissful,

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