Fantastics Upadeshas on Sub and Superconscious Mind


We have been quite far behind in getting Bodhinatha’s latest talks onto the server. But we are now caught up. Since September, he has been focussing on intuition, sub-superconscious mind and the higher realms of Raja Yoga sadhana. Fabulous talks!

Get them here, on the talks index.

They are also available on your smartphone using SivaSiva app –> Listen –> Bodhinatha’s Latest. We suggest you go where you have Wi-Fi or good bandwidth and when you listen, click on the Download button to save them to your “My Audio” library. You may want to listen to them several times to catch nuggets therein. Get the app here.

Here was one of where he comments on a rare verse by Yogaswami

Involution, Nirvikalpa Samadhi, Shum Technique

Defining the Subsuperconscious Mind

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