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Facing Corona Virus

During the 9/11 attacks Gurudeva spoke to assuage the fears that arose from the senseless killings. People everywhere were thrown into the lower chakras and he urged all to not go there. Instead, he offered that this tragedy would pass. In the meantime, he said we can use this time of outer disturbance to strengthen our inner life and sadhana. Dive deeply within, where we are perfect, calm, fearless. Now the entire globe faces another crisis. It is rare for every household in every township in every nation to be thinking about the same thing, isolating in the same way. It is a shared humanity that arches above differences and touches each one in exactly the same way. It may even have the power to change us as a species, for the better.

In Living with Siva Gurudeva speaks of protection in the home (where many are now secluded):

"When the devas within your home see you performing your sadhana each day, they give you psychic protection. They hover around you and keep away the extraneous thought forms that come from the homes of your neighbors or close friends and relatives. They all mentally chant "Aum Namah Sivaya," keeping the vibration of the home alive with high thoughts and mantras so that the atmosphere is scintillating, creating for you a proper environment to delve within yourself. The fact that the devonic world is involved is one more good reason why you must choose a specific time for sadhana and religiously keep to that time each day, for you not only have an appointment with yourself but with the devas as well. ...

Feel the power of the Gods in the puja. If you don't feel them, if you are just going through ritual and don't feel anything, you are not awake. Get the most out of every experience that the temple offers, the guru offers, the devas offer, that your life's experiences, which you were born to live through, offer. In doing so, slowly the kundalini begins to loosen and imperceptibly rise into its yoga.

That's what does the yoga; it's the kundalini seeking its source, like the tree growing, always reaching up to the Sun. It is up to you to make the teachings a part of your life by working to understand each new concept as you persist in your daily religious practices. As a result, you will be able to brave the forces of the external world without being disturbed by them and fulfill your dharma in whatever walk of life you have chosen. Because your daily sadhana has regulated your nerve system, the quality of your work in the world will improve, and your mood in performing it will be confident and serene. When your sadhana takes hold, you may experience a profound calmness within yourself. This calmness that you experience as a result of your meditation is called Satchidananda, the natural state of the mind. To arrive at that state, the instinctive energies have been lifted to the heart chakra and beyond, and the mind has become absolutely quiet. This is because you are not using your memory faculty. You are not using your reason faculty. You are not trying to move the forces of the world with your willpower faculty. You are simply resting within yourself.

Therefore, if you are ever bothered by the external part of you, simply return to this inner, peaceful state as often as you can. You might call it your "home base." From here you can have a clear perception of how you should behave in the external world, a clear perception of your future and a clear perception of the path ahead. This is a superconscious state, meaning "beyond normal consciousness." So, simply deepen this inner state by being aware that you are aware.

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  1. Peetamba Trishula says:

    Thank you for these words, may Dhanvantari provide his healing to us all. I have just recovered from the virus,and even when the fever had really taken hold I was able to go within and find that place of bliss. Although I was unable to perform my daily pujas, thankfully I was able to light a flame and incense, and perform japa. Aum Namasivaya

  2. Namrata Ragade says:

    Thank you much for the uplifting message and counsel! And all for all the love and healing you send out into the world…

    Aum Saravanabhava

  3. Varadan says:


  4. Savitri Palani says:


  5. Sankuthi says:

    Jai Jai Shree Maha Ganesh!
    Thank you Swamis for invoking the blessings of Dhanvantari, the deity of ayurveda and healing to drive the current threat away. I was fortunate to have visited the temple in South India dedicated to this deity in August/September 2008. Gurukkal Kumar insisted and arranged for me to pray at this temple. On my return during the puja everyday I invoke this deity after praying to Lord Narasimha and little did I know he will be called upon to help us defeat this virus. During my visit to this temple the temple Priest tied the holy string in my hand and I have vivid memories of it. I am sure we will come out of this challenge and will learn that we humans are not in charge and that there is something beyond us all! We may call it God, Lord, Sakthi or a power beyond each and everyone of us. This is a wake up call without an alarm!
    Aum Namasivaya!

  6. Chandramouli Enugala says:

    chanting great words “ Ohm Nama Sivaya” ,meditation and yoga at home are essential in this difficulty moments

  7. chef Mougam Pareatumbee says:

    Now The world leaders know they have a new boss called coronaVirus and learn lessons to take decision without hurting our planet .

    Many great simple and practical home medicines available in Siddha system of Medicines from South India .It is believed that Siddha System of medicines divided into various sections come from spiritual Siddhars by Lord Muruga .
    It is a very deep and time tested system practised in the southern part of India whilst Ayurveda mostly in the north.
    Both are great as they use natural edible, fresh ingredients .
    these medicines are not chemicals but ingredients combinations which helps to live and care for life in a simple way – hence our food need no vetting or approval from WHO or FDA- our food is our medicines hence Siddha believed to be (8000 yrs) and Ayurveda (5000yrs) both stood the test of time and are life styles and way of life to prevent sickness.

    Im working with a siddha doctor who has incredible power – without you mentioning a word- he feels your pulse and tells you exactly the ROOT of your health problems and their symptoms.
    It is so simple and so interesting that I kept aside 42 years of international culinary experience to begin learning to make food as medicine .

    one part of siddha is pulse diagnosis
    another Varma – pressure points and
    a third one is siddha Dhegavidhya: simple effective physical exercises moving the energy body making you feel fit and energetic -no difficult posture – no pain to tiredness but very efficient and feel younger after doing it
    im practising it for 3 month now and look forward to it everyday – can even practise if you are 100 yrs old by a very special doctor. who tailor makes exercise for each body constitution- very individual and cannot share .Makes a big Difference.
    im lucky to have met and working together with three great siddha doctors in each field and learning so much .

    aum Namasivaya
    chef Mougam Pareatumbee – Mauritius

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