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Let Us Affirm Goodness

Gurudeva would say that the mind, the conscious mind, is driven by its own novelty and always mulling over external things. Comfort. Safety. Pain. Desire. Fear.

He urged seekers to fill the mind with positive thoughts through the use of affirmations. If repeated, affirmations carve deep channels in the mind, changing fear to trust, regret to hope, penury to abundance.

It has been a long time since the human race faced such a compelling a threat as this pandemic. So never have we needed positive affirmations more.

With that in mind, we have assembled today a few of Gurudeva's little mental mantrams. If you find the world's predicament is overwhelming you and those around you, just pick an affirmation and repeat it for a few minutes. It will be a medicine for the mind, a salve for the spirit, a comrade during quarantine.

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  1. toshadeva says:

    We are all right, right now… aum

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