Meet Yali the Kitten

Recently our monks discovered a lost kitten on the steps of Iraivan Temple. He had clearly wondered far and appears to only be about three weeks old. When the little wayfarer heard our monks approaching he cried out, ran to them, jumped on their feet, and tried to climb their legs. Who could deny such an adorable beseechment for help? He was nicknamed "Bobo" and more formally named "Yali" after the temple guardians he was found under. He's not fully weaned yet, but the monks are making sure he's well cared for. Aum.

6 Responses to “Meet Yali the Kitten”

  1. Rajen Manick says:

    Another deva !

  2. GAYATRI RAJAN says:

    It’s not just humans who take refuge at the feet of Siva.

  3. Isani says:

    Aum Namasivaya

    Nandri, Mahalo and Thank you fo sharing this adorable bundle of joy.

    Any & All the positive news is Always appreciated, and especially now during the changes around the planet.


    Aum. Aum.

  4. Amma Anne Deer says:

    blessed : )

  5. Cliff Long says:

    How wonderful. And under the Yali, too! Aum.

  6. Charles Close says:

    Hopefully he enjoys rice and curried Mung Beans. I love Birds. The closest species to God?

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